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RGB, CMYK knowledge in printing

Classification:Trade news Author:admin Release:2013-03-13
CMYK conversion
Based on the RGB into CMYK graphics printing standard according to the configuration file. CMYK conversion, we have no information submitted by you, screenshots or printed on your printer paper or color chart color matching. In addition, is not always the conversion results, because the printing system we in technology is updated on an ongoing basis. This also means that the same color can not be copied, reproduced.
● black specified in RGB is changed to a mixture of 4 color black, it is converted to CMYK. When black specified in RGB for text or white round
Profile as the background of the text, the text may be difficult to identify plate dislocation or registration problem. We provide screenshots screenshots to us, when we check the information submitted by you. However, we do not check the details and proofreading text screenshot. Screenshot only for examination, such as text and image appearance.
Submitted to the printing data
● Prepare data 
"Print ready data" refers to the final data, which does not require any corrections and is ready for the actual printing.
● submit your data check point
Careless negligence, sometimes lead to unavailability of printing products. In order to prevent similar problems, GRAPHIC examination pre submitted data, and then it was allowed to be sent to the actual printing process. The data must be list in the data check standard or basic check points above the. So, the details of design, such as spelling mistakes or errors including graphic data check. Failure to produce defective content when you submit the data is the responsibility of the customer, if
We found that there are data examination questions, we will contact you immediately, and you must be corrected and re submit your data. To re submit the number
It will affect the printing and delivery schedule, so we must carefully check your data before submission.

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